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Pharma Sales Support Platform

PharmaSalesSupport is the life science industry's most comprehensive sales support software-as-a-service platform. It is not just an ordering system! It provides a multitude of features, including capturing physician signatures, sample and promotional material deployment instantly from head office, remotely by the field sales force, or by direct HCP request, across all 3PLs and fulfillment providers.

Promotional material approval and deployment, sample tracking and control, and juggling multiple 3PLs typically all require significant investments in time and resources. PharmaSalesSupport simplifies these processes with a full range of management tools that integrate directly with order and distribution tracking for both promotional material and samples, reducing your workload significantly. Creating and managing territory alignments, setting quotas, establishing override procedures requires robust tools for sales administrators. Efficient use of the sales force time requires a system with built-in utilities and built-in user-friendliness. PharmaSalesSupport provides smarter tools, smarter support and greater results for both your sales force and internal teams, because it was designed from the ground up by life science sales and marketing teams.

Approval Management

  • Internal promotional materials approval module
  • Regulatory (i.e.: OPDP; PAAB; etc.) promotional material approval module
  • Built-in marketing materials vault
  • Automated pending expiry email alerts
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Inventory Management

  • Vendor neutrality means full integration with all of your 3PLs
  • Tracking and reconciliation of remote inventory at all locations
  • Automated low inventory and out-of-stock email alerts
  • Multiple options for integration with CRMs and ERPs (i.e.: Salesforce, SAP®, etc.)
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Distribution Management

  • Options for head office, field representative, or direct HCP orders
  • Orders can be assigned to and shipped from multiple 3PLs
  • Orders can be shipped to multiple addresses and user types (i.e.: rep home or locker, directly to HCP offices, etc.)
  • Automated order and shipping email confirmations
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Oversight Management and Analytics

  • 24-7 real-time oversight, corporate governance, and marketing analytics
  • Comprehensive analysis of all sample and promotional material ordering data
  • Desktop and mobile reporting options, with automated email transmission options
  • Interactive charts and tables that easily integrate into reports and presentations
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Sales Force Administration

  • Create custom territory alignments
  • Control national, state/provincial, regional and territory quotas
  • Manage quota override rules and approval processes
  • Perform accurate territory inventory tracking and reconciliation
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Ordering and Shipping Management

  • Access our software by PC, or using our mobile app
  • Simple and intuitive “Shopping Cart” interface
  • Ship orders to one or to many locations simultaneously
  • Multiple options to manage drop-ship, repeat, consolidated, and rush orders
  • Email distribution of promotional literature and videos to HCP contacts
Image of delivery driver scanning a package representing shipping management services.

Compliance Management

  • Promotional material approval and compliance management
  • Automated literature approval renewals (i.e.: OPDP, PAAB)
  • Sample compliance management
  • PharmaGram recall services
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High Level of Security

  • Fully SDLC validated “Life Science Grade” software
  • NIST cybersecurity framework compliant
  • Meets all national and international privacy laws, including U.S. HIPAA/HITECH/GLBA, E.U. GDPR, Canada PIPEDA, Mexico and Latin American DPAs and PDPAs, Australia PA, Asian PIPAs and PDPAs
  • 21 CFR (Part 11) compliant data capture systems
  • Dedicated data environment and private sub-domain
  • Enhanced business continuity and disaster recovery with both local and offshore backup site options
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Configuration and Customization

  • Configure the platform to your exact specifications
  • Request custom features from the PharmaSalesSupport team, developed specifically for your program
  • In-depth live training sessions specific to your configuration
  • Training manuals specific to your configuration and for each user type
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Back Office Services

  • More than just a platform, we have back office staff and services to help manage your sample and promotional material deployment more easily and efficiently
  • GMP warehousing options
  • Sales territory sample and promotional material distribution
  • HCP sample and promotional material distribution
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