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Run A Better Patient Support Program With Health Loyalty

When we say "better" we mean make patient on-boarding more efficient with an integrated patient portal, save money on reimbursements with built-in digital payment solutions, focus your case managers on key tasks with Artificial Intelligence administration, and get actionable insights on your program with real-time analytics; "better".

HEALTH LOYALTY is a leading patient relationship management platform with a unique range of integrated tools. It enables life science companies to create and run their own comprehensive and fully compliant patient support programs efficiently, with full flexibility, and full control of the data that is generated.

Reduce Costs

Reduce patient recruitment costs with a fully integrated Patient Portal, and slash reimbursement costs with one-step payment processing via email transfer.

One of the largest cost saving opportunities is to reduce the administrative burden on your reimbursement specialists, nurses, case workers, etc. With HEALTH LOYALTY, many of their administrative tasks can be automated, allowing them to focus on patients. Instead of spending money on administration, you can invest in patient outcomes.

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Improve Patient Engagement & Retention

A “better” PSP is not just about Cost Savings, it's also about a better Client Experience. With HEALTH LOYALTY, patients and HCPs have 24/7 access to Product Information, Scheduling, Reimbursement Updates, and more. We make it easy to engage with your clients throughout their support journey.

It all starts with an integrated patient portal. From there, patients can be segmented through predictive analytics. They can then begin their ideal patient journey that evolves based on individual needs.

Appropriate messaging can then be deployed through fully integrated email, SMS/text, e-coupons and e-surveys.

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Have Better Control of your Data

With HEALTH LOYALTY, controlling your data and managing data access is made easy.

Using HEALTH LOYALTY as your Single Source of Truth, means that you control your program data, not your PSP provider. As a vendor agnostic platform, HEALTH LOYALTY allows you to add or change vendors, and fully control the level of access to patient data as required.

You can also automate processes, such as emailing patients and HCPs with any program news, therapy updates or marketing initiatives.

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Get Immediate Insights with Real-time Reporting

Being able to spot opportunities in an active program shouldn't happen once a month. Through our propriety OASIS® analytics tool, you instantly gain access to a large suite of dashboards and real-time reports, automatically generated, and either downloaded or e-mailed as required. There is no need to ask your PSP provider for reports anymore.

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The Highest Level of Privacy, Security & Regulatory Compliance

  • Fully SDLC validated “Life Science Grade” software
  • NIST cybersecurity framework compliant
  • Meets all national and international privacy laws, including U.S. HIPAA/HITECH/GLBA, E.U. GDPR, Canada PIPEDA, Mexico and Latin American DPAs and PDPAs, Australia PA, Asian PIPAs and PDPAs
  • 21 CFR (Part 11) compliant data capture systems
  • Dedicated data environment and private sub-domain
  • Industry-leading server and endpoint security, 24/7 monitoring and threat mitigation
  • Enhanced business continuity and disaster recovery with both local and offshore backup site options
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Level Reporting
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With the Industry's Most Comprehensive Support Package

Our Configuration Team will work directly with you to ensure that your HEALTH LOYALTY instance is designed to meet your exact needs and specifications.

While our Multilingual Support Team will deliver all of the comprehensive on-line training manuals, FAQs, and any other support that your users may need.

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Patient Support + Loyalty Program Flow

Visual showing the setup flow for the Health Loyalty patient support program platform - Recruit Program Members, Add Patients, Design Patient Journey, Add a Financial Support Component, Automate the Patient Journey, Configure Artificial Intelligence Functions, Add Supporting Program Documents, Reference Materials & Videos, Add an AE/QC Process, Analytics Report, and watch your program run!